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Terms and conditions

  • We reserve the right to change all prices without prior notice.
  • Any secretarial or other services as requested are provided on an "Adhoc" part-time basis “as and when” required.
  • All additional cost incurred will be invoiced separately to clients.
  • We will not be held liable for any unforeseen circumstances that might arise due to any situation which we have no control over like any decisions made by the government which could affect and or cause delays or due to theft/fire on our premises. Please note that once the documentation is in the hands of SARS or CIPC, we don’t have control over it, thus we can’t be held responsible for any damage or losses whatsoever, which includes unforeseen time delays, monetary losses or loss of information.
  • We use the client’s spelling and any wrong, incorrectly spelled, false or misleading information supplied to us will not be our responsibility and we will therefore not be held liable for any such information supplied to us as this is an open source data capturing system. It’s the client’s responsibility to make sure that all information will be supplied to us electronically for correctness. If information is not supplied electronically, we will not be responsible if anything is spelled incorrectly due to unreadable handwritten documentation.
  • If we find any information supplied to us, to be misleading, false and wrong or the intention is there to use information for illegal purposes, we reserve the right to cancel any such applications and to report information and parties to the authorities.
  • Due to the nature of our work, once we have commenced with an application we have a no refund policy and we reserve the right to refuse any refunds whatsoever.
  • We Register Companies (PTY) Ltd provide no warranties or guarantees whatsoever, and also includes as to when, or if, any given Company Registration, CC Registration, Tax clearance application, Tax Registration, PAYE, SDL and UIF Registration, WCA Registration, VAT registration or any other registration you apply for on our website will be successful. Any errors and omissions found will be corrected as soon as possible; however errors in any application submitted to us will be accepted and considered as true and correct by the applicant. It is therefore the applicant, incorporators, members and/or directors responsibility to make sure that information and spelling is correct on all application forms.
  • Once the name of a business is approved, it is reserved by CIPC for 6 months only. During these 6 months the client(s) are responsible for sending us the necessary, signed documentation in order to enable us to finalize the registration process. Therefore, if we do not receive the necessary, signed documentation from our client(s) within this 6 month time-limit, the approved name will expire. The client(s) will then have to re-apply at full cost for the registration of a new business. We then reserve the right to cancel such an application without any refund to the applicant if documentation is not received promptly as requested.
  • No refunds will be given for any reason, due to delays at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission and the South African Revenue Services. By applying for any business and Tax registration or application services with We Register Companies (PTY) Ltd, you certify that you understand and accept all terms and conditions and that all timelines quoted by We Register Companies (PTY) Ltd are subject to any delays that may be experienced by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission and the South Africa Revenue Service and other government organisations from time to time.
  • If we have not received the required documentation (e.g. copies of ID’s and signed power of attorney forms) within 6 months from date of application, we reserve the right to cancel such an application. Such a cancellation will not be refunded. It is therefore the applicant, members and directors responsibility to ensure that the required documents are posted to us, either by normal post, fast mail or registered post. As soon as we have received the documentation we will inform the applicant by email to proceed.
  • There will be an additional fee applicable of R150.00 if company names have been rejected by the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission before we will resubmit the new name reservation.
  • We Register Companies (PTY) Ltd cannot provide any warranties or guarantees whatsoever, that all documentation will be received if the documentation is not sent via registered post from clients. We highly recommend and suggest that you send all documentation to us via registered mail or email, and send us the tracking number of the Post Office. If you do an upload via our system please send us confirmation email to info@yourcompany.co.za
  • Please note that we work according to timeframes of CIPC and SARS, this may change at any given times due to unforeseen circumstances such as, backlogs, strikes or any situation which we have no control over, which also include external economic factors which constitutes and include political and government policy changes and decisions and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The Terms and Conditions were read and discussed to me, and I fully understand and accept the Terms and Conditions. Any secretarial or other services as requested are provided on an "Adhoc" part-time basis as and when required.
  • Terms and Conditions and all information are subject to change without prior notice.